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6_November_2012_002Dharamshala: Twenty seven monks were expelled from a Tibetan monastery in eastern Tibet in one day after refusing to comply with new controls on their religious practice.

According to some sources inside the region stated that many more were arrested or ordered to leave Pekar Monastery in Diru county, Nagchu, Kham region of eastern Tibet, in the following days.

Only a few of the 200 monks who had resided at the monastery remain, and those from other monasteries are forbidden to stay at Peker.

The monk reported that last July, many Chinese officials came to the monastery and held a meeting at which they stated that they would impose further controls on religious practice and study as well as the monastery's finances, to which the monks refused to adhere.

He also stated that local Chinese authorities have forbidden the sale of petrol in the area, making it difficult for people to leave or obtain outside information.

The situation remained extremely tense at the Pekar Monastery and surrounding areas, following protests in reaction to a new crackdown on monks. According to the sources, the monastery is almost empty. There were only few monks left after the Chinese government increased restrictions on religious.