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Gartse-jigmey-2013-januaryDharamshala:  The 36-year-old popular Tibetan writer, Gartse Jigmey, has been arrested by Chinese authorities in Gartse county, Tsongon, Amdho region of north-eastern Tibet, (Chinese: Qinghai Province) according to sources inside Tibet.

The information trickling out of Tibet is that on January 1, 2013, Chinese authorities from Xining police station arrived at the Gartse Monastery and arrested the prominent writer, Jigmey, after a thorough search of his room by the Chinese officials. His condition is unknown at present.

 Sources think it was perhaps his new book that brought on the arrest. He was arrested immediately after he had completed the second volume of his book, "Tsengpo's Power of Heart." The new volume of "Tsengpo's Power of Heart" has 25 chapters - describing the self-immolations in Tibet, rights of minorities in China, human rights issues in Tibet and peaceful uprisings of Tibetans in Tibet.

 The book also explains about the Tibetan Government in exile, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama and other spiritual leaders.

 Jigmey is a well known writer among the Tibetans. His first popular composition is "Journey Diary," which had won awards from local community. His second book called "Tsengpo's Power of Heart", (roughly translated) published in 2008, expressed the happiness and sufferings of Tibet's past, present and future. He had penned three other books in 2010; "Analysis of Buddhism" "Knowing The Earthly Feelings." and "The Ordained Person's Life."

 Gartse Jigmey is originally from Garwa Tsowa village of Gartse towhship, Thunrin District of Malho region of Amdho  province, north-eastern Tibet, (Ch: Qinghai province). After three years of schooling in his township, he joined Gartse Monastery in 1992.

 The sources said he had completed his education in the Tibetan language, history, Buddhist philosophy and culture. He had founded a club of the local magazines and newspapers in 2010, and had even managed to organise two conferences of the local writers and editors by using his personal wealth.