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kyedudho-tibet-2013Dharamshala: - Reports finally emerging from Tibet reveal that a Tibetan woman had set herself on fire in Beijing last year. She was reportedly protesting against illegal land grabbing by Chinese authorities in the Kyegudo region following the disastrous 2010 earthquake.

According to the Central Tibetan Administation media 'Tibet Net' Passang Lhamo, a 62 year old Tibetan woman burned herself on 13 September last year after repeated appeals to the central authorities in Beijing failed to yield any concrete results. She has gone to Beijing after local authorities in Kyegudo refused to allow her to retain her ancestral home. She was taken to the hospital after the incident where she was treated for severe burns.

In the aftermath of the 2010 Kyegudo earthquake, a series of illegal land grabbing by Chinese authorities have left hundreds of Tibetans homeless. Despite the much propagated hype around the Chinese government's overwhelming relief efforts to resettle affected Tibetan families, the ground realities have remained a far cry from the promises made by the central government.

Growing resentments against the Chinese government's reconstruction plans were reported from the region. There was also numerous protests by local Tibetans demanding effective strategies putting the people's priorities first.