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Dharamshala: Reports are emerging from Eastern Tibetan that a young man has self-immolated, taking the estimated toll to 111 since 2009.

According to our sources inside Tibet, a very few detail has surfaced from a reported self-immolation staged this morning in Amdho; Eastern Tibet. Lhakyab Jinpa, a Tibetan currently living in India, told The Tibet Post International about the latest self-immolation protest.

It is reported that Lhamo Kyab, a 43 year old Tibetan man self-immolated in Medshul Town; of Sangchu county, Kanlho, Amdho province of eastern Tibet (Chinese: Xiahe Xian, Gannan prefecture in Gansu).

A Tibetan mon has been confirmed dead after setting himself alight in Sangchu county, a latest source from inside the region say, in the latest apparent protest against rule from Chinese government. Protocol by Chinese authorities in previous protests has witnessed mass media blackouts and police crackdowns.

The last two weeks alone have seen one male and one female set themselves alight in separate incidents in areas of Ngaba County, Amdhot. Konchok, a 30-year old Tibetan woman has staged her protest just before China's new leader Xi Jinping was formally appointed as president of the communist regime and Thokmey, a 28-year old Buddhist monk set himself on fire just two days after Xi became the new Chinese president.

Patterns in the immolation protests have highlighted a return for the spiritual leader of Tibet His Holiness the Dalai Lama to His homeland, as well as the preservation of the Tibetan language, and an end to the heavy restrictions on freedom of religion in the region. Many have also called for Tibetan independence, and an estimated 92 have died of their injuries when attempting self-immolation.