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Tibet-Dayang-2013Dharamshala: - After reports surfaced of a 68 year elderly Tibetan man named Dayang being detained and allegedly beaten by the Chinese police for shouting pro Tibet independence slogans.

Latest reports emerge of him being slapped with a two-and- a-half years of jail term.

Dayan was arrested on September 3, 2013 in Driru (Kham region of eastern Tibet) and picked up from a cultural show organized by the Chinese authorities.

Three weeks later, on September 24 the local People's Court announced the verdict and sentenced the 68 year old to a two-and- a-half years in prison.

Sources stated of alleged torture of Dayan, while in police custody and is currently said to be recuperating in a local hospital from severe internal injuries.

This incident highlights the widespread protests and chaos prevailing in Driru due to the Government's recent efforts to force Tibetans display their acceptance of the authority and express their "forced" happiness.