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Dharamshala: - Sources coming out of Tibet say, Chinese authorities have shut-down three Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Driru County, Kham Region of eastern Tibet, where monks are forced to leave and re-launched a new wave of 'patriotic re-education.

 According to the sources, 'the shut-down occurred after Chinese paramilitary police surrounded them for weeks, where local Tibetans have resisted forced displays of loyalty imposed by the Chinese government.'

"Monasteries in Driru (Chinese: Biru, Naqu prefecture , Tibet Autonomous Region) county such as Dron-na, Tarmoe, and Rabten have reportedly been shut-down by the authorities in December," a Tibetan living in exile said, citing sources in the region.

The incident happened as Chinese military police were re-launching and strengthening the "patriotic re-education" campaign in the county while screening for dissident monks and imposing restrictions on the activities in the monastic communities.

Sources said that "a senior monk was arrested by Chinese police after Dron-na closure. All rooms of the monastery were sealed off on December 26 and police later issued an order forbidding any monks to return their monastery," sources added.

The situation in Driru county remained tense after a failed attempt by the authorities to fly Chinese national flag from Tibetans' homes, caused severe crackdowns.