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tibetan calligraphy dayDharamshala — A new holiday, Tibetan Calligraphy Day, was started this year by students and teachers at Qinghai Minority College in Qinghai Privince, Northeastern Tibet and celebrated for the first time on April 30th.

The first International Tibetan Calligraphy Conference was held at the college on April 15th and 16th where participants decided to celebrate the holiday ever year on 4/30, since the Tibetan language has 4 vowels and 30 letters all together. The conference also created a logo for the holiday aimed at uniting the three traditional regions of Tibet; Amdo, Kham and Utsang.

The conference included students, teachers, monks and laymen who decided democratically the name, date and logo of the new holiday.

The holiday was created as an effort to celebrate the different styles of Tibetan writing and bring together authors in order to celebrate Tibetan literature.