Tibetan pilgrim disappeared by Chinese authorities on her way to Lhasa. Photo: Free Tibet

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Dharamshala — According to reports from Tibet, Chinese authorities have detained a Tibetan pilgrim in Darlag County en route to Lhasa.
Lhamo Dolma was detained and disappeared by Chinese police on March 28 while on a pilgrimage to Lhasa from her home in Bora township, Sangchu County, eastern Tibet. A source reported that she was 'suddenly taken away' for 'questioning' by 'a few secret police in plain clothes.' She was seized in nearby Darlag County and her family members, who were on pilgrimage with her, were warned against sending information about her detention to others. Her current whereabouts remains unknown, along with the reason for her detention, as her activity at the time of her sudden disappearance appears to be purely spiritual not political. Her family has not yet been officially informed by authorities of her detainment. Sources have alleged that Dolma was closely associated with monk Sangay (Sangyal) Gyatso who was detained on March 23, 2012. Sangay Gyatso was arrested with three other monks after they protested against the Chinese government by carrying portraits of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan flags and calling for human rights, religious freedom and language rights in Tibet. During his detention, Dolma had often brought him food and clothes which may have led to authorities suspecting her.