Dharamshala — Gendun Lhundup, a Tibetan writer and poet from Rebgong County, Amdo Province, north-eastern Tibet, was sentenced to four years imprisonment by a Chinese Intermediate People's Court on December 1, 2021, on a charge of so-called "inciting separatism".

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, the Chinese government is enforcing frantic controls such as such as lockdowns in infected areas, mainly Shanghai, while in Tibet, despite official reports of zero infection, the authorities are imposing various political controls on Tibetans' beliefs, speech, and movement in the name of pandemic prevention.

Dawa Rinpoche, a senior religious figure from Shag Rongpo Monastery in Nagchu, Tibet, who was being politically persecuted, died earlier this year, yet the Chinese authorities blocked information and imposed various restrictions on his funeral, which Tibetans were also forbidden from attending.

As China moves forward with the construction of the "Sichuan-Tibet Railway" and enters eastern Tibet, the environmental damage is enormous, the premeditated assault on Tibetan culture and the drilling of hundreds of tunnels under the mountains is systematic, including the cutting of sacred mountains, the deforestation and pollution of rivers providing drinking water is ongoing.

Further reinforcing its campaign and policy of Tibetan identity and cultural genocide, China has detained three students from Chamdo, eastern Tibet recently for speaking out against the Chinese government's Sinicisation of education policy. They are still in the custody of the Chinese police.

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