CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay instructin Tibetans to complete online registration of RC at the press conference on 7 January 2018. Photo: TPI/Chonyi Sangpo

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Pres-Sangay-Tibetan-RC-2018Dharamshala — Tibetan President Dr Lobsang Sangay announced new regulations passed down by the Government of India regarding the Residential/Registration certifications (RC) held by Tibetan refugees residing in India, and instructed all Tibetans to register their RCs online.

President Dr Sangay spoke of how the online registration of the RC would ease many of the dilemmas faced by the Tibetans such as having to return to their place of registration for the renewal of their RC.

The President added that the changes enable Tibetans who wish to travel abroad to avail Return Visa with multi-entry up to a year and how registering their RC online would allow them to renew and apply for Exit Permit and Return Visas online.

Additionally, only Tibetans registered online would be eligible for five year validity upon renewal.

According to the President, CTA had made requests to the Indian government, which led to these changes.

All Tibetans holding RCs are instructed to register their RC online by the end of March 2018, as guided by the Government of India to avoid future issues. The link to to register RCs online can be found here

Other rules for Tibetan refugees have also shown signs of change in recent years, as according to a senior official from the Home Ministry in New Delhi, Tibetan refugees may soon be without the hassles of the exit permit when traveling abroad.

“The present rules are such that a Tibetan refugee has to apply for an exit permit every time he or she has to travel abroad. Since identity certificates are issued after carrying out due diligence and background check, the exit permit is an unnecessary requirement,” the official told the Hindu.