President Dr Sangay interacting with the Tibetan community in Santa Fe, 23 May 2019. Photo: Sikyong Office

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Santa Fe, New Mexico— The current president of the Tibetan-government-in-exile, officially known as Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) expressed his wish for the future CTA President (Sikyong) to be an able diplomat who can politically represent Tibet on the international stage.

In an interaction with the Tibetan community in Santa Fe, the capital of the U.S. state of New Mexico, President Dr Lobsang Sangay shared his concern and wish for the future Sikyong to be an able diplomat who can politically represent Tibet on the international stage, according to Tenzin Lhakmon, Communication Officer of Sikyong Office.

Calling it one of his biggest concerns while taking charge of the Sikyong Office, President Dr Sangay said he has tried his "best to visit as many countries in the last seven years and continue to do so.”

While citing positive changes in the response from the dignitaries and foreign offices he visits, Dr Sangay also shared the hard work of the present cabinet paves the way for the future Tibetan political leaders.

Dr Sangay who took on a role as the elected political leader of the Tibetan people in 2011 and reelected in 2016 arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico from his visit to Vancouver Canada, on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

From setting up of Medicare system, increase in no. of education scholarship, Tibetan architecture influenced infrastructure development in CTA, increase in aid to senior members in the Tibetan community and financial and welfare aid to low-income families, the interaction touched on varied initiatives and accomplishments of his administration since 2011. “I have delivered more than I have promised”, said Dr Sangay.

Dr Sangay called upon the Tibetans in Santa Fe and other foreign countries to make an effort to advocate for Tibet in their local region and government. Citing the increased voter turnout during the 2016 election, Dr Sangay shared that Tibetans are becoming more politically aware.

With China influence becoming a growing concern in the world, Dr Sangay cautioned the Tibetan to be wary of the China-backed Shugden groups and not to be swayed by their attempts to create disharmony in our community.

Dr Sangay delivered the commencement address to the Santa Fe Indian School’s graduating class of 2019 in Sante Fe, USA, on Friday, May 24, 2019.

The Chinese Communist totalitarian regime began their invasion of Tibet in 1949, reaching complete occupation of the country in 1959. Since that time, more than 1.2 million people, 20% of the nation's population of six million, have died as a direct result of China's invasion and occupation. In addition, over 99% of Tibet's six thousand religious monasteries, temples, and shrines, have been looted or decimated resulting in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of sacred Buddhist scriptures.