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22may20102Dharamshala: Tibetan writer Tagyal Shokdung by Chinese Government. His book was reprinted by some young Tibetans and it was formally published by  Gyalnor Tsawang, a member of Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputy (ATPD),the book titled "nam sa go chey" was launched at the Songsten Higher Secondary School in Kathmandu, in the presence of two other members of ATPD, Sponsors, RTYC, TWA and an audience of about a hundred people.

Gyalnor Tsawang member of ATPD said that it was his pleasure to launch such a book, further adding it was a very brave and patriotic course of action that was taken by the author and that, this move had once again reignited the flame of the Tibetan fight. Tsetan, another member of the ATPD said that, as of now these books can only be published in exile, but he hoped that in the future that books of the same genre could be published inside Tibet.

The book in question talks about, the nationwide peaceful protest against the Chinese Government in the March 2008 uprising, and was therefore immediately banned by the Chinese government and the author put in jail. Experts believe that this is a counter revolutionary book that the Chinese state would not like the people of Tibet to read or understand. The title of the book "nam sa go chey" translates into English as "Opening of Earth and Sky". The author Tagyal Shokdung was arrested in Xining, the provincial Capital of Qinghai district in China on April 23.