Dharamshala — His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet arrived safely at his residence in Dharamshala on August 28, 2023, after spending 45 days in Leh, Ladakh, UT, India and where he gave teachings to thousands of Buddhists and people around the world about inner peace and compassion, religious harmony and world peace.

New Delhi, India — The 6th International Rangzen Conference, held in New Delhi over four days and attended by more than 80 Rangzen activists, ended with a declaration in which the participants pledged to fight for a free Tibet: " We will never forget the sacrifices of those who have died for our cause, and we will continue the Rangzen movement at all cost."

Shewatsel, Leh, Ladakh — His Holiness the Dalai Lama met core members of the SEE Learning team in Ladakh on Thursday and he told them," We don’t need to focus on what might divide us. What we need instead is a sense of the oneness of humanity, an awareness of how we are all the same. We must put effort into building harmony throughout the world. As human beings we all have the same kind of face with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. If we were to meet someone with a third eye, that would be really strange."

Leh, Ladakh – His Holiness the Dalai Lama was invited to Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School to launch the Golden Jubilee celebrations and the Great Summer Debate. His Holiness addressed the students and teachers: "I respect all the religions of the world, because they all commend the practice of love and compassion. There is no place for discrimination between people of one religion or another. We should all live together in harmony."

Dharamshala, India — Three Tibetan organisations held a candlelight vigil in Dharamshala to mark the International Prisoner Justice Day and to express their condolences over the death of former Tibetan political prisoner Lobsang Tenpa in Lhasa, Tibet recently, as a result of torture by the Chinese authorities while he was in prison.

New Delhi – Executive members of the Central Tibetan Women's Association submitted letters to the embassies of countries in New Delhi on Chinese colonial boarding schools in Tibet and human rights violations of Tibetans in occupied Tibet. They also urged PM Narendra Modi and other leaders to raise these issues and Tibet at the next G20 meeting, to be held in the second week of September 2023, in New Delhi, India.

Leh, Ladakh, UT, India – His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited the statue of the Great Buddha in Stok, leh, Ladakh, on Moday and addressed a group of visitors. His Holiness said, "These days lots of people talk about world peace, but it will only be found if more of us have love and compassion in our hearts. World peace is rooted in peace of mind."

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