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Dhasa: The People's Daily, so called one of the popular Chinese newspaper also known as the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, has accused US-based media of ‘hyping up' the increase of Han Chinese immigrants to Tibet, and the subsequent effects. A report in the New York Times (July 25th), which claims that the influx of Han workers, investors and merchants pouring into the region is deepening resentment amongst the Tibetan population, has been criticised for exemplifying the "prejudice" held by foreign news media towards Tibet-related policies.
According to the Chinese daily, the 3 billion US dollar investment by Chinese government into the region has secured prosperity for many Tibetans, for example 40% have been successfully re-housed as part of a welfare program. However, the US press agency has come under attack for suggesting that these ‘development programs' in fact seek to assimilate Tibetans, and eradicate their culture, as opposed to helping them with economic success.
Lian Xiangmin, a research fellow at the China Tibetology Research Center, has said that this bias of Western media is due to their failure to recognize Tibetans as Chinese citizens and for this reason they fail to understand Chinese policy. These apparent ‘misunderstandings' are also due in part to years of publicity in the Western world of the ‘Dalai Clique'.
It is clear that Chinese authorities continue to monitor and rectify any negative media coverage they encounter.