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Dhasa: US Congressman Frank Wolf, urged the Obama administration to ‘find its voice' on human rights issues and prioritise the issue of Tibet during a speech at the House of Representatives on Friday (23rd July). As co-chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, Wolf posited a detailed assessment of the US government's role in the protection and promotion of human rights in countries such as Sudan, China and Iraq, placing particular emphasis on the struggles of Tibetan Buddhists, among other religious groups.
His speech highlighted the responsibility of Congress to defend these oppressed groups. "America must stand up for the ideals upon which our own experiment in self-governance was founded. America must strike out against injustice, whatever form it takes. America must believe that even the mightiest walls of oppression can tumble and work toward that end," he stated.
Wolf used the opportunity to flag up insufficient staffing at the Special Coordinator for Tibetans office , as well as delays in the submission of the "congressionally mandated Report on Tibet Negotiations", which is due to Congress annually on March 31st.