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Dharamshala: China's number two official in the Communist regime that has ruled the country since 1949 has stated that democracy will never reach China while the one party remains in power.

Wu Bangguo, one of the party's top nine politburo leaders, made the strong statements in Beijing during China's annual National People's Congress, making it clear that political reform is not an option under the current leadership.

Mr. Wu claimed that China's leaders had "made a solemn declaration that we will not employ a system of multiple parties holding office in rotation", showing a poor knowledge of democratic electoral systems, and warned of the consequences of change, saying "It is possible that the state could sink into the abyss of internal disorder" if democratic reforms were introduced.

His words seem to contradict earlier statements by premier Wen Jiabao, who suggested that democratic reforms may be possible in the interests of ensuring that state power would truly be held by the people.

It is well known that for the past 62 years China has been subject to domination by the sole legal political party, the CCP, under which any dissent is quickly silenced and frequent episodes of unrest are crushed by authorities.