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TAIPEI: A Parliament member of Taiwan and a long time Tibetan supporter, Ms Tian Qui Jin, organised a meeting between a delegation of Taipei-based Tibet support groups and a top Taiwanese official on 4 May.

The delegation, which includes members of Tibetan NGOs, raised the issue of Chinese government's repression on Kirti Monastery in northeastern Tibet during their meeting with Mr Zhao Jian Min, vice-president of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council.

In a letter submitted to Mr Zhao, the delegation urged the Taiwanese government to persuade the Chinese authorities to lift the military blockade of Kirti monastery, which has left 2 Tibetans dead and over 300 monks detained so far.

They also called for the immediate release of 300 detained monks and to allow the media to report the real situation in the region.

“As the Dalai Lama, as well as many governments around the world have demanded, China must show more restrain when handling the Kirti Monastery incident to avoid more casualties and to respect freedom of religion and it must stop illegally arresting monks,” TFOT president Chow Mei-li said in a statement after the meeting.

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