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Dharamshala — Torrential rain and flood triggered a building collapse and caused road damages in Dege County of easntern Tibet. All residents reportedly had been evacuated before the disaster.

TPI received a Video footage that has caught the moment a five-storey building is washed away by rushing flood waters in Tibet. The building can be seen toppling over in footage taken on July 8, 2017. Sources said that several places in Dege County of Tibet, including Upper Lhundup, Jodha, Godha, and Manshoe have been hit by heavy rain in the past couple of weeks.

In the footage, the river can be seen raging behind the building. The five-storey apartment building can be seen completely toppling over. As the building crashes down into the water, it creates giant waves. People can be heard shouting and screaming as the building comes crashing down.

According to reports, the building had been evacuated before it crashed into the water. A truck can also be seen sliding into the water. Local government in Tibet are dealing with the disaster relief efforts after severe flooding caused chaos in the region.