Washington — The US Congress members and the Chairman and Co-chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission (CECC) condemned violent attacks by pro-China Chinese on Tibetans and others protesting against Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States for the APEC Summit. "We, the Chairs of the CECC, strongly condemn the reported violence perpetrated against individuals exercising their rights of freedom of expression and assembly in the United States. We urge San Francisco County police to review these reports and pursue justice as appropriate,” they wrote.

Brussels — President of the Foreign Relations Committee of Belgian Chamber of Representatives call on China to end the coercion of Tibetan children into state-run boarding schools, to cease repressive assimilation policies and to comply with the PRC’s obligations under international law. She said, “The forced assimilation of nearly one million Tibetan children in Chinese state-run boarding schools, separated from their families, is a violation of international human rights."

Dharamshala — Tibetans, students and members of Tibetan Writers Abroad PEN Center commemorated the imprisoned writer's day in Dharamshala and, in collaboration with PEN International, they called for the release of Tibetan writer Go Sherab Gyatso, who has been imprisoned 10 years by China for advocating the preservation of Tibetan language, religion and culture and authored books describing the restrictions on freedom of expression under the Chinese regime.

Washington DC — A large protest organised by Regional Tibetan Youth Congress in Washtong DC on November 11, 2023, to protest against Chinese President Xi's visit in the free country, they shouted: stop the genocide in Tibet, Xi Jinping is not welcome in the United States, as long as China does not respect human rights.”  The Tibetan activists also called on US President Biden to speak up for Tibet, raise the Tibet issue with Xi Jinping.

California — USA President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in California on Wednesday. During their four-hour meeting, they discussed a wide range of issues, including human rights. According to the White house press release," President Biden underscored the universality of human rights and the responsibility of all nations to respect their international human rights commitments. He raised concerns regarding PRC's human rights abuses, including in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong."

Dharamshala — Chinese government recently issued a white paper on Tibet. Dr Arya Tsewang Gyalpo, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan and East Asia said, "China has issued many white papers on Tibet. This shows how insecure China feels about Tibet that they have to issue white papers on Tibet from time to time. The contents of the white papers are all lies and distortion of reality. If China is serious about their claims that they have developed Tibet and the region is a socialist paradise, then they should allow the UN rapporteurs, diplomats, and media to visit Tibet to confirm the Chinese claims."

San Francisco — Members of Students for a Free Tibet protested against Xi Jinping's visit to the United States at San Francisco's Moscone Center. They climbed the Moscone Center and unfurled a banner reading: "Dictator Xi Jinping, your time is up" and shouting ‘Free Tibet now, you are not welcome in the free country and you violate the human rights of the Tibetan people’.

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