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Dharamshala — The most important aspect of the Tibetan movement should be to fulfill the aspirations of the majority of Tibetans who continue to remain inside Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, while calling for a concerted effort to resolve the issue of Tibet.

Dr Lobsang Sangay, the newly re-elected Sikyong, or political leader, was sworn in on Friday at a colourful ceremony attended by thousands of Tibetans and supporters, as he reaffirmed his commitment to the "Middle Way" approach of engaging China through dialogue to achieve a meaningful autonomy for Tibet.

Addressing a crowd at the ceremony in India's quaint Himalayan town of Mcleodganj, to swear in Dr Lobsang Sangay as the political leader of the Central Tibetan Administration, His Holiness urged Tibetans to remain united on Friday, May 27, 2016.

"Tibet is called the roof of the world. Similarly, the rich Buddhist culture and tradition of Tibet is also one of the best traditions in the world," His Holiness said, explaining that his statement is not borne out of loyalty but through reason.

"Over the years I have met numerous people, including scholars, scientists, politicians and spiritual leaders. In my interaction with these people, I have come to realise that the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, derived from the Nalanda tradition of India, is among the best, primarily because it is based in scientific analysis and logical study."

"Many Buddhist traditions trace their root to Nalanda. However, Tibetan Buddhism seems the only one, which contains the purest essence of the tradition. It is truly a universal treasure, which the Tibetan people have preserved for centuries," His Holiness said.

His Holiness also emphasised the importance of preserving Tibet's script and linguistic traditions. "The Tibetan language is the only language wherein the pure essence of the Nalanda tradition is preserved. Therefore, it is extremely important to study and preserve it," His Holiness said.

'The most important aspect of the Tibetan movement should be to fulfill the aspirations of the majority of Tibetans who continue to remain inside Tibet. And emphasised that the Tibetan movement should be based solely on the principle of non-violence,' His Holiness said while peaking on the Tibetan struggle.

"I have worked wholeheartedly for the Tibetan cause for over 57 years. However, I have devolved my political responsibility to an elected leadership since 2011 but I will continue to work for Tibet's culture and religion," His Holiness said.

"As Sikyong rightly pointed out, with our hard work and the generous assistance of the Indian and other foreign governments and organisations, we Tibetans have reached a stage where we are unique among equals. But it doesn't mean we can get complacent," His Holiness said, calling for a concerted effort to resolve the issue of Tibet.

At the same time, His Holiness lamented the negative campaigns that took place in the lead up to the final Tibetan general elections. "I was pained to see the degradation of morality in our society and the overtones of regional loyalty during the election campaign. It is very unfortunate," he said.

"The unity of the three traditional provinces of Tibet is of primary importance. Despite the passage of time, we have preserved our traditions and culture based on this unity of the three provinces for thousands of years. Therefore, we should do away with this warped sense of loyalty to regions and move on as one," His Holiness said.

"Moreover, we are all followers of the Buddha. We should be embarrassed of what we have done during the election campaign. I don't blame the majority. However, there are some fringe elements within the community who take pleasure in dividing the society on regional lines," His Holiness noted, urging the Tibetan leaders, staff, and public to keep the unity of Tibetan people in mind.

His Holiness further called for a renewed emphasis on holistic education for Tibetan children. "There are over 150 thousand Tibetans in exile. We should not just be satisfied with a successful livelihood. We should focus on a holistic education for our children," His Holiness said.

"Despite the great heights that modern education has reached, it is still inadequate when it comes to inner values. It is obvious when you see that most criminals and anti-social elements are quite advanced in modern education. Moreover, the prevalence of social ills like corruption and dishonesty are a result of the lack of moral principle in modern education," His Holiness asserted.

His Holiness concluded his speech by extending his heartfelt greetings to the audience. "If you consider me your friend, please pay consider to what I have said. Then please be united irrespective of your region or religious lineage," he told a the large crowd that had gathered to to witness the swearing-in of Dr Lobsang Sangay as prime minister of Tibet.