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20 march 2012 002Dharamsala: Three Tibetans (Shingza Rinpoche (32), Dorjee Gyalpo (59) and Yeshi Tenzing (39) have been on hunger strike in front of the United Nations since February 22nd 2012 to demand immediate UN's intervention in the ongoing genocide in Chinese occupied Tibet.

30 Tibetans (mostly Buddhist monks and nuns) including 17 just this year has set themselves on fire in Tibet demanding return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and Independence for Tibet.

Today around 5:30 pm on the 27th day of not eating any food, NYPD called in EMS to check on the three hunger strikers and when the oldest of the three hunger striker, Dorjee Gyalpo had difficulties getting up, he was forcefully removed from the hunger strike site by NYPD in an ambulance and taken to hospital. Many Tibetans at the hunger strike site resisted the police and blocked the ambulance for around 20 minutes.

He has vowed to continue not eating even in the hospital.

The remaining two hunger strikers will continue their protest in front of the United Nations (E 43rd St & 1st Ave).