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Tibet-Sherab-Gatsal-Ling-2015Dharamshala — On May 2nd, 2015, Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay attended the commencement ceremony at Sherab Gatsel Lobling, otherwise known as Tibetan Transit School, the graduates of which are the school's first batch. The visit also fulfilled a promise that the Sikyong made during his last visit to a student who requested him to visit the school on her graduation day.

Addressing the students who gathered in the auditorium wearing their uniform white shirts, Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay underlined the importance of hard work and dedication to achieve one's goal in life. He also spoke about skills that one needs to cultivate to make a mark in the wider world.

"While you are here in this school, devote your time and energy to get the best of education and training from the staff. Life in the real world is tough and without a proper skill set and certificate, it's extremely difficult to make your mark," Sikyong said.

"Even if you go abroad or return to Tibet in the future, without a particular set of skills and a certificate to validate your education, it's difficult to get a good job or make a proper living. We try to provide the best of education and training based on market conditions in this school, and it's you who have to utilize these resources that we provide to make your dreams come true," he added.

The first batch of students graduating class 12 from the school is comprised of three male students and one female. The graduation of these students from contemporary school examinations was made possible after the education department of the Central Tibetan Administration, which manages the school, introduced a new program by restructuring the preexisting school curriculum in May 2013.

The new program 'Orientation and Livelihood Based Skill Training' was introduced in May 2013 to equip students with basic skills and provide suitable conditions to assist students in receiving degrees in competitive board examinations. The program was also introduced with the aim of mitigating the scourge of unemployment among Tibetan youths particularly those from Tibet.

Sherab Gatsel Lobling or the Tibetan Transit School was established in 1993 under a special program of the Central Tibetan Administration to provide quality education to newly arrived Tibetans from Tibet especially youths aged between 18 and 30.

It is one of the most successful institutions for newly arrived Tibetans. Since its inception, over 6500 students have passed through the school. Alumni of the school include some of the most respected individuals in exile society including Secretaries in the Tibetan administration, editors of leading Tibetan media sites, academics, and artists.