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25 february 2012 002New York: - Despite interference from the New York Police Department, Tibetan protesters have successfully entered day three of their hunger protest in front of the United Nations.

H.E. 11th Shingza Rinpoche, Dorjee Gyalpo, and Yeshi Tenzing began their hunger strike on Losar in an effort to convince The United Nations to address ongoing human rights violations within Tibet, and to show solidarity with those Tibetans within Tibet who are protesting for their own freedoms.

The hunger strikers have five requests for The United Nations, all of which are intended to either reveal to the world the egregious human rights abuses committed by the Chinese Government, end the oppressive policies of the Chinese in Tibet, or preserve Tibetan culture and identity.

"The Tibetan Youth Congress strongly calls on governments of this world and the United Nations to heed to the demands of the Tibetans suffering in Tibet. If you do not take the responsibilities to sincerely uphold the universal fundamental rights of human beings, you become willing accomplices to China's inhumane crimes towards Tibetans," stated a press release issued by The Tibetan Youth Congress.

H.E. Shingza Rinpoche is 32 years old. He was recognized as the reincarnation of 10th Shingza Rinpoche in 1993, and he fled to India where he joined Sera Monastery in southern India in 1997. He is a member of several Tibetan NGOs, and has worked extensively in the interest of preserving Tibetan Language and culture.

Dorjee Gyalpo, 58 years old, was born in the Kyidong Pang-Shing region of Tibet. In 1960, he fled to Nepal, and later moved to The United States under the US Tibetan Resettlement Project in 1993. He was an executive member of the RTYC Mainpat, and continues to be an active participant RTYC Minnesota.

Yeshi Tenzing, 38, was born in exile and studied at CST Dalhousie. He was the president of RTYC Herbertpur for two terms from 2004-2010.

On the second day of the protests, New York Police ordered the removal of the tent in which the hunger strikers were residing citing ‘Occupy Wall Street' protests. Despite freezing rain the following day, the hunger strike is ongoing.

Tsewang Rigzin, president of The Tibetan Youth Congress, commented, "Come rain, wind or NYPD, the hunger strikers are not deterred and ready to go on until UN hears them."