Representative Chhimey Rigzen and staff of the Tibet Bureau with members of Tibet Solidary Movement Group in front of the UN building on 13 January 2021. Photo/ OOT, Geneva

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Geneva, Switzerland — “China is a threat for the entire humanity to live in peace,” said Ms Liz, a supporter of Tibet, at the Tibet Solidarity Movement while outlining the damages China was doing to humans and to the entire world. The Tibet Solidarity Movement led by five Tibetan families marked the 108th time to demonstrate In front of the UN Building in Geneva on January 13, 2021.

The Tibetan Solidarity Movement carried on as the Swiss-based Tibetan families continued their demonstration in front of the UN for the 108th time. The Tibetan families have been holding this demonstration since 2012, on the second Wednesday of every month. The demonstration is to bring attention in violation of Human Rights and lack of other forms of freedom in occupied Tibet under China. Also, aims to resolve the Sino-Tibet issues through peaceful dialogues.

The movement is organized by five Tibetan families. They travel from different parts of Switzerland to Geneva on the second Wednesday of every month to express their solidarity for Tibetans who continue to suffer under China’s repressive policies. This movement is to seek the support and attention of the international community to resolve the Sino-Tibet issue through dialogues. In addition to protests in front of the United Nations, the families undertook a Tibet awareness campaign through the distribution of leaflets at major public places in Luzern, Switzerland and also staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the European Union building in 2017.

“I have benefited a lot from Tibetan culture and my participation in the protest is a small way to give back to Tibetan people in keeping their culture and cause alive. China is not doing the right thing and it is a threat for the entire humanity to live in peace and harmony,” said Ms Liz, a Tibetan supporter who participated in the protest. She further appealed to all Tibetans to remain united in wake of China’s divide and rule strategy.

Representative Chhimey Rigzen and staff of the Tibet Bureau in Geneva visited the demonstration site to express appreciation to the Tibet Solidarity Movement and the families. Speaking to the demonstrators, Representative Rigzen extended the new year greetings and commended their dedication and commitment in holding the protests in front of the UN irrespective of the weather conditions since the year 2012.

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