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Dharamsala: - Reports from Tibet say that two more Tibetans conducted self-immolation protests in an anti-China protest today. One is feared dead, the other in a serious condition.

Kirti Monastery in Dharamshala - the mirror institution of Kirti monastery in Ngaba county, eastern Tibet - released a statement saying, "At around 11:30 Tibet time, Choephel (Lhungyang, aged 19) and Khayang (aged 18) set themselves ablaze in the central town of Ngaba district. With hands joined in prayer, both of them raised anti-China slogans."

The young men are both former monks of Kirti monastery. Eyewitnesses said Choephel and Khayang were engulfed in flame as they called for Tibetans to unite and rise up against the Chinese regime, and for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile.

"Chinese security personnel arrived at the scene and started beating the two indiscriminately while dousing the fire," reported Kirti monastery. "Even while they were being taken to the hospital, Khayang was seen throwing his fist in the air, raising slogans." It is feared that Choephel succumbed to his injuries half an hour later.

This is the sixth instance of self-immolation in Ngaba this year, and the third this October. The protests look set to continue, as leaflets have surfaced in Ngaba town and Kirti monastery warning that, "If the present situation continues, many more people are prepared to give their lives in protest."