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tabeyDharamshala, India: - December 17: The first known Tibetan to have self-immolated in Tibet who was feared dead after Chinese security personnel fired shots at him is now believed to be alive but detained in a Chinese army hospital.

In the latest report on Tabey, Beijing-based Tibetan blogger Tsering Woeser said that the monk from Ngaba's Kirti Monastery is alive but has been crippled in his feet due to bullet wounds.

The popular Tibetan blogger mentioned that that the monk is being held in a Chinese military hospital in Barkham area. "Both of his feet have become useless and even his arm has become next to numb. Scars of the gunshot on his feet are clearly visible," she added.

Reports say that Tabey's mother is nursing the monk in the hospital but is forbidden from leaving the hospital or talking to outsiders. His uncle is believed to be the only outside visitor allowed to visit him.


Three years ago, on 27th February 2009, over a thousand monks protested at Kirti monastery in Ngaba town demanding to be allowed to hold the prayer festival.

Tabey doused himself in petrol and self himself on fire protesting the Chinese government's restrictions on holding the annual great prayer festival of Monlam Chenmo.

Within minutes of the self-immolation, the place was swarming with Chinese armed police who fired rounds at Tabey's feet to stop him from marching around while on fire.

Local witnesses had told the reporters that the monk was taken away in a Chinese police van as soon as he fell down and his whereabouts have been unknown ever since.
Thirteen Tibetans inside Tibet and one Tibetan outside Tibet have immolated themselves in protest of the Chinese atrocities and demanding the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet since 2009.