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11 february 2012 001DHARAMSHALA, February 11: Amidst crackdown and opening firings following the wave of self-immolations in Tibet, China is justifying its ‘war' over the peaceful Tibetan demonstrators.

"War and force is must to keep the security in the Tibetan regions," said Hao Peng, the deputy party secretary and vice chairman of the so called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

According to the Chinese run official news agency, Xinhua, TAR deputy secretary even ordered to tighten up the security in the Tibetan regions and strongly urged the security forces to be vigilant during the up coming Tibetan New Year which falls on February 22.

"Security officials should not take holiday during the upcoming the Tibetan New Year, and must be ready to shut down the Dalai Lama groups (peaceful protesters)," the deputy party secretary said, permitting the Chinese soldiers and police to use force over the unarmed Tibetan demonstrators.

Sources also told Tibet Post that the Chinese security personnel in Tibet were relocating the places from one's local area to another place in order to be the Chinese security personnel to be more brutal and ruthlessness.

"Police officers in Chamdo were sending to Lhasa, and Lhasa security officials were sending to China to make them more brutal and ruthless and use force on the Tibetans whenever needed," the source said.

Till date, 27 Tibetans have set themselves on the fire in protest against the Chinese rule over Tibet including 7 within weeks just after the beginning of this year.

Tibetans in Tibet and outside Tibet have pledged to forego the upcoming Tibetan New Year in show of solidarity, unity and support to the plight of people in Tibet.