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29 October 2012 002Dharamshala: On 25th of October 2012, a monk named Jinpa (38) from Mura monastery (also Mayul Choekhorling) of Mura area, Marchu County (Eastern Tibet) was arrested by Chinese authorities. The reason for his arrest remains unknown.

Jinpa was arrested in Chengdu city (Chinese: Sichuan Province). His whereabouts are currently unknown. Furthermore, Chinese authorities have not given a reason for his arrest.

In an interview for the Tibet Post International, Lhamo Kyab, an ex-political prisoner who resides in Dharamshala: India, explained that:

‘Jinpa was arrested several times before this event. He has been accused previously of sending information to the outside world for information on the 2008 protests in Tibet’

‘Jinpa usually resides in his monastery. He is well educated, and everyone admires him. This time, his family and friends are very concerned about a prison sentence from the Chinese authorities.’

Lately in Mura area, which is in Amdo Eastern Tibet, Chinese military forces have been visibly present. Chinese police are reportedly also present in schools.

Communication in the region has been severed by Chinese authorities, leaving further whereabouts and conditions of Jinpa only speculative. However it is reported that in the Mura area Tibetans in the street are checked by Chinese authorities regularly, and it would appear that the drastic measures the Chinese government are now taking to enforce rule are beyond the margins of basic human rights.

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