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four monks arrested by chinese police in tseoDharamshala: Four monks are reported to have been arrested in Tibet for spreading information following two self-immolations.

Lhachup Jinpa, a researcher at Gu Chu Sum, an NGO which supports Tibetan former political prisoners, reported that Lobsang Choephel, Tsundue, Losel, and Topden from Tsoe Gaden Choeling Monastery, in Tsoe, Amdo, are currently being detained at an undisclosed location.

According to sources within Tibet, Lobsang Choephel, who is aged around 30, was arrested twice, firstly for "disseminating information to the outside" about the self-immolation of Dolkar Tso on August 7. He was released following public demonstrations against the Chinese authorities protesting his detention, only to be re-arrested not long after for the same offence.

Tsundue and Topden, both in their forties, and Losel, 35, are reported to have been arrested in the middle of their night two days after the self-immolation of the grandfather of Gunthang Rinpoche, Tamdin Dorjee, on October 13. The three are alleged to have "provided information and evidence" to the outside world.

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