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konchok-Kyab-2013Dharamshala: - A Tibetan man reportedly died after setting himself on fire in Tibet, sources in the region and living in exile said the latest in a series of protests against China's hardline and repressive policies on Tibet.

The latest sources coming out of Tibet said that a 26-year old Tibetan man called Konchok Kyab (Konbhe) self-immolated on FridaTuesday (At 12.am Tibetan local time), January 22, near Bhora Monastery, Labrang county, Amdho region of north-eastern Tibet.

"Konbhe is survived by his wife, Dorjee Tso and 10-month-old child. His father's name is Dorjee Tseten and mother's name is Rinchen Tso," Lhachab Jinpa, a Tibetan living in exile told The Tibet Post International.

Chinese police reportedly took away Konchok Kyab's body and local Tibetans threatened to protest if they did not return it to his family. Sources also said that locals have seen his body being carried away by the Chinese authorities after the incident.

According to the sources, he has died on the spot after setting himself on ablaze near Bhora Monastery, Sangchu county in the Kanlho, (Chinese: Gannan, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) in the 3rd Tibetan self-immolation protest this month alone.

Most of the Tibetan self-immolaters have doused themselves with petrol and set themselves alight after shouting slogans calling for freedom in Tibet and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

The latest incident brings to at least 98 the number of Tibetans who have self-immolated since 2009, including 81 last year in protest against China's strict control over Tibet's Buddhist culture and a suffocating security presence in Tibetan regions.