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Dharamshala: - In another attempt to wipe out the Tibetan race, the communist regime has been accused of trying to stamp out Tibetan cultural identity by intentionally promoting mixed marriages in Tibet recent years.

Now, the hard-line Communist regime in Beijing has turned to interracial marriage in an apparent attempt to assimilate Tibetans and stamp out rebellious impulses.

Chinese government however says promoting mixed marriages in Tibet is a way to achieve 'unity'.

In recent weeks, Chinese officials in charge of the Tibetan Autonomous Region have ordered a run of stories in local newspapers promoting mixed marriages. And according to newly published government reports, the government has adopted a series of policies in recent years favorable to interracial couples.

Urging officials to push mixed marriages harder, China's highest official in the Tibetan region, Chen Quanguo, recently staged a photo op with 19 mixed families.

"As the saying goes, 'blood is thicker than water,' we should make our ethnic relationship like that," Chen said at the meeting in June, according to the state-run Tibetan Daily. The government must "actively promote intermarriages." So far, the government push has seen some success.

In a report published this month celebrating such policies, the Communist Party's research office in Tibet said mixed marriages have increased annually by double-digit percentages for the past five years, from 666 couples in 2008 to 4,795 couples in 2013.

While avoiding specifics, the report attributed the growth to favorable policies in areas such as social security, reproductive rights, vacations, prizes and special treatment for children born from such marriage, including education, employment and Communist Party membership.

It is evident that the decades-old hardline policies are not going to help Beijing regime in the long run, as it is still not able to win over the hearts and minds of the Tibetan people.

This latest step towards erasing Tibet and Tibetan culture from the world as an increasing racism by the communist regime, attempting to abuses the rights of native Tibetan speakers.

"Whether intentionally or unintentionally, some kind of cultural genocide is taking place," His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, referring to an influx of Chinese migration into Tibetan areas and restrictions on Buddhist practices - policies that have generated deep resentment among Tibetans.

Moreover, many recent visitors already raised strong concerns over the ongoing mass Chinese migration into Tibet. They also say that use of Tibetan language is rarely seen whilst driving along the highway, sitting in a airport, bus or train stations.

The standard spoken and written Chinese language is widely used in Tibet, including in the textbooks, billboards, official documents and specially during their official meetings. Also because of the higher percentage of Chinese inhabitants to Tibetans means that Beijing can justifiably move Tibet and Tibetan off the walls and replace them with a greater Chinese identity.