Dharamshala: In the hall of the Gu-Chu-Sum Ex-Political Prisoners' Association located in McLeod Ganj a lean, brisk Tibetan in his late thirties was getting comfortable on a plastic chair in front of the fidgeting audience. As Tsering Dhondup, a Tibetan refugee, started on the story of his imprisonment and final release, all whispers sank in a mute awareness from time to time broken by the appearing questions.

Dharamshala: A source from Tibet said, the Tibetan religious festival (Sagadawa) was celebrated in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet on 7th June, on this day Lord Buddha Sakyamuni was born, reached enlightenment, and died. A peaceful procession of 200 Tibetan worshipers visited Jokhang temple in the center of the Tibetan capital Lhasa, to perform religious rituals, and to made offerings to the gods and to the poor.  The pilgrims were interrupted and some were taken into custody by Chinese forces, others fled and warrants have been issued for their arrests.

Dharamshala: Unnamed for fear of persecution, a source from inside Tibet said that there is no religious freedom in Tibet and provided the following account of arrests on 9 June that attests to that fact. The situation in Tibet is tense at the beginning of the Tibetan religious festival, thousands of Chinese armed military personnel were deployed to every corner of Lhasa and Jokhang temple was closed on 7 June.

Dharamshala: A resource from Tibet said, a Tibetan religious festival (Sagadawa) was celebrated in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet on 7th June,  on this day Lord Buddha Sakyamuni was born, reached enlightenment, and died.  On this day of 2009  His Holiness the Dalai Lama receive citizenship to  the French capital Paris, yet another coincidence that proved to much to take for Chinese security forces. 

Dharamshala: A source from Tibet said, around 6th June, When a group of 6-7Chinese manual laborers came to Karikong nomadic village in Joda county near Chamdo county to collect Cordyceps sinensis, the local Tibetans disallowed them digging for Cordyceps sinesis and turned them back.

Dharamshala: A resource from Tibet, across eastern Tibet fields are left abandoned as a form of peaceful protest against the Chinese brutal crackdown. In Nguldharuwa village in Jodha County unplanned fields have lead to unwarranted violence against villagers as Chinese authorities force local Tibetans to till their fields.

Dharamshala: The people of Jodha county in Chamdo, eastern Tibet still refuse to plant crops, preferring instead to go hungry as a form of peaceful demonstration against violence enacted by the Chinese throughout Tibet since March of 2008. On the 30 of May 60 trucks carrying Chinese soldiers arrived in Jodha county, soldiers conducted a lottery and determined that Nguldharuwa village in Trankang region would be responsible for planting crops. Monks and old people from nearby monasteries and villages attempted to broker a peace, but Chinese police forces persecuted the holy men also.

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