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Dharamshala: The photograph above (see a zoomed in image of the UFO below) comes from the Karze, eastern region of Tibet. A group of friends were on their way to a nearby airport when the car they were travelling started having engine problems.

According to "All News Web," the group got out to move the car off the road when one of the group spotted a UFO hovering overhead and managed to take a photo of it.

This UFO event occurred on February 20 of this year. The UFO seen in the photo is a classic metallic flying saucer. The witnesses have submitted the photo to researchers for analysis.

Tibet has had an association with UFOs that might well go back thousands of years, "All News Web," reported. It has long been rumored that a secret UFO base exists in the area. It is also believed that a giant UFO is buried somewhere under mountains in the region. In the 10th century AD, Tibetan monks adorned pages of sacred Buddhist manuscripts with depictions of metallic flying saucers they had seen in the skies above the area.