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London: - Tibet’s enduring myth, animated by the tales of Himalayan adventurers, British military expeditions, and the novel Lost Horizon, remains an inspirational fantasy, a modern morality play about the failure of brutality to subdue the human spirit. Tibet also exercises immense ‘soft power’ as one of the lenses through which the world views China.

Moscow: - The Middle Way Approach is the only and the most effective solution for Tibet issue in the modern world. In the past century such approach seemed to be not effective enough, but toady in the face of the problem of international terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction, only this way of non-violence and dialogue ensures preservation of human lives and progress in the Tibetan community.

Dhramshala: - Imagine an uprooted nation recently reconfigured by bloodshed, and now fashioned so foolhardy in its gravitation to hubris that it seeks to tear off a piece of land almost the same size as itself, reformat the native citizens to the malady of its own political persuasions.

Dharamshala: - Imprisoned Tibetan monk and writer Gartse Jigme in a heartfelt appeal calls on the Chinese government to reach out to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and to listen to the demands articulated by self-immolation protesters, as a first step towards creating a truly harmonious and stable Tibet where respect for Tibetan rights and freedoms would replace oppression and suffering.

Dharamshala :- Ms Meilli Chow, the Chairperson of Taiwan Friends of Tibet (TFT) was in Dharamshala recently to take the opportunity to meet and thank members, partners and friends who have been associated with TFT in the Tibet cause. After a five year stint, Ms Chow will be stepping down from the post of the Chairperson next year.

Dharamshala: - Every day we wake up and switch on our computers, TVs or radios, to learn the latest tragic news from Tibet- be it another self-immolation protest or the Chinese authorities locking down an entire Tibetan town or monastery, or detaining or imprisoning another Tibetan.

Dharamshala: - Tushita Meditation Centre is located on the steep hill above McLeodganj, home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It was founded by Lama Thubten Yeshe and his main student Lama Zopa Rinpoche in 1972 for the study and practice of Buddhism in the Tibetan Mahayana tradition.

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