Dharamshala: The above quote seems to reflect the Chinese governments stand on the Media and how to handle it. The foreign press often accuse the Chinese government of being heavy handed and draconian when it comes to the reporting of news that does not quite fit, the Communist hierarchy's view of a "Peacefully rising superpower."

Dharamshala: As the worlds two leading nations these days are meeting for a friendly talk in the US, China and the US are at the same time stepping up their efforts to, respectively, harness and set free the unruly powers of the internet.

Dharamshala: Kalon Tsering Phuntsok, the minister of the Department of Religion and Culture, Friday launched the eighth book named A Difficult Road of a former political prisoner of Tibet Ven Bagdro. The Tibetan writer said, on releasing the book said he has fulfilled his purpose to come into exile in India which was facilitated by his fellow political prisoners in Tibet.

Dharamshala: Several overseas experts on China have drawn attention to the existence of a new rising influence in the narrow, one-party realm of Chinese communist politics, referring to the emergence of the little-known Boyuan Foundation, which began in Hong Kong in October 2007 and which, by avoiding direct political opposition to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has thus far been tolerated by the Chinese regime.

Tang Danhong ????(born in 1965 ) is a poet and documentary filmmaker from Chengdu, Sichuan. She has made several documentaries in and about Tibet since the 1990s. She wrote the following essay this week and published it on her own blog (hosted outside of China), partially translated by CDT:

Dharamshala: Described by author Eric Weiner as 'the James Bond of Tibetan Buddhism', writer/activist Matteo Pistono has written a most unusual and interesting account of Tibet with his book "In the Shadow of the Buddha: Secret Journeys, Sacred Histories and Spiritual Discovery in Tibet" written through the eyes of a stranger hiding in plain sight.

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