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Dharamshala: - Many argue that there are two important reasons for China to invade Tibet: The first being the ability to access the vast amount of natural resources from the Himalayan region. The second is to have a buffer of land separating China from every possible threat.

Dharamshala: - As a result of China's systematic discrimination, occupation, and colonization, the Tibetan people have faced increased violations of – inter alia – their right to life, their right to housing and property, their right to be to be free from torture or cruel and inhumane punishment or treatment, their right to free movement, their right to return, and their right to an effective judicial remedy.

Dharamshala: - Facts show that there has been real "cultural genocide" in Tibet over the last 60 years. With the Tibetan heritage and its rich contribution to humanity endangered and disappearing, we must make every effort to advance the preservation of the Tibetan language, literature and culture through speaking, writing and creating of the Tibetan language.

Dharamshala: - Modernising Tibet just a mouthpieces for China? Dharamshala: The one-sided policies by China have robbed the Tibetans of their basis for cultural identity; causing the loss of their language in their homeland and commerce in dealings with communist authority, their culture, and now they're facing a natural resource genocide.

Dharamshala: - As we celebrate World Human Rights Day 2013, we remember all those men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of peace, democracy and human rights and the legacy of that struggle that we must continue to carry forward.

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