Bylakuppe - Sitting in the morning puja, it was with a heavy heart knowing that some older monks had spent 56 away from their country so that they could be free to practice and continue their traditions.

Kathmandu — Nepal and Tibet straddle the Himalayas and for hundreds of years tradesmen have crossed high mountain passes to journey from one country to another.

Dharamshala — Days after greatly revered Tibetan monk Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche was reported to be dead inside the Chinese prison, graver questions and doubts have been raised by the Tibetan community regarding the motivation behind the incident.

New Delhi — The issues taken up by the hunger strikers as their main demands reflect the healthy level of social and political wisdom on the part of TYC leadership.

Dharamshala — From Mao to Xi, leaders of PRC are good in using catchphrase heralds to impose its hard lines ideologues on dissident of Tibetans and other alike. PRC initially marched in Tibet under the guise of wishing to aid in development and improve the living standards in the secluded country.

Dharamshala — In response to the White Paper released by the State Council Information office of China on April 15, Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) the largest pro independence organization in exile states that this White Paper, is full of 'White lies' and the allegations made by Chinese government against TYC are baseless and dishonest.

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