Dharamshala, India — Dr Lobsang Sangay, the president of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) sends a reassuring message to Tibetans inside Tibet on 5th February, 2020. He expresses strongly that all will be able to overcome this new endemic soon.

With the current outbreak of Coronavirus in China which consequently affected the world population and the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring global public health emergency on 30th January 2020. Tibetans inside Tibet are at critical risk with poor medical equipment under the Chinese authority when a case of the Coronavirus surfaces.

Sikyong emphasizes in his message that Tibetans inside Tibet must feel anxious and uneasy. It will be very tense at the time of the ongoing of the Virus but surely it will calm down and diminish very soon, he assures. The elected president asks the people to take care and follow strictly the steps of precautions set by the experts. He also adds that he is praying for the wellbeing of the Tibetans inside Tibet and those infected by the virus in China.

As recommended by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries of various traditions across India and worldwide have been observing mass prayers to pacify the physical and mental pain suffered by the Tibetans inside Tibet, Chinese brothers and sisters and people worldwide and prayers for China to be able to tackle against this eroding epidemic, he stresses.

With over 31,400 official reports of Coronavirus affected cases worldwide, Tibetans inside Tibet are doing their part to fight against this Wuhan virus. Tibetans advised themselves to avoid large public gatherings. Distribution of masks and handy medical aids are made available among the population in Tibet by volunteered Tibetan monks and laypeople. Monasteries are closed for visitation for public safety and Tibetans voluntarily blocking roads as the Chinese Authorities haven’t taken steps to help control the transportation of people from outside Tibet initially. The Chinese authorities banned all airlines from Wuhan traveling to the rest of the world except the en route to Tso-Ngon in Amdo, East western province of Tibet (Ch; Qinghai) and Lhasa (the capital city of Tibet).