TPI: A decade and a half of defiance - reporting uncensored Tibet, unveiling truths

May 2024 heralds the 16th commemoration of its inception, a period marked by substantial contributions to justice, freedom, and democracy. Photo: File

About Us
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Established in the year 2007, with initial backing from the Parliament of South Tyrol, or Alto Adige, Italy, Dr Franz Pahl, the esteemed President of the Regional Parliament of Trentino, South Tyrol, ceremoniously inaugurated the trilingual online platform in 2008. This auspicious event was graced by dignitaries and senior officials of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile.

Dr Pahl embarked on a visit to Dharamshala, the esteemed headquarters of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, to unveil a trilingual Tibetan website ( in English, Tibetan, and Chinese on May 11, 2008. This groundbreaking initiative received backing from the South Tyrol Regional Parliament, Italy, until 2011. The genesis of this collaboration ensued following an interview in Dharamshala, India, in 2007, where Yeshe Choesang, Editor-in-Chief, and founder of the news agency, engaged with President Dr Pahl. This rendezvous occurred during Dr Pahl's leadership of an Italian parliamentary delegation to the Tibetan Government-in-Exile headquarters, where he also had the privilege of meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Other ardent supporters of TPI, including Thomas Keimel and his family from Austria, have consistently and generously provided annual donations, as well as sponsoring the website hosting for the English version. Dr Franz Pahl's renewed and unwavering support has further fortified TPI's longevity and bolstered its resilience. Artemas Liu, a dedicated advocate for Tibet and TPI, along with his family, diligently mobilised resources to procure new computers and underwrote the website hosting for the Mandarin and Tibetan language versions. Furthermore, Jane Cook from the UK has remained a steadfast and enduring patron of TPI, making significant contributions to the newspaper's continued existence and its unwavering commitment to quality journalism.

May 2024 heralds the 16th commemoration of its inception, a period marked by substantial contributions to justice, freedom, and democracy. These efforts resonate not solely with the people of Tibet but also with all those enduring the tyranny of the Beijing regime for more than half a century. Your unwavering support and encouragement are indispensable in catalyzing an end to the inhumane treatment inflicted upon the Tibetan populace and rectifying the immoral and unlawful actions perpetrated by the Chinese regime over decades. Together, let us strive towards justice and liberation for all oppressed individuals.

TPI steadfastly persists in disseminating uncensored news regarding the prevailing situations within Tibet to the global audience, showcasing an impressive archive of nearly 1,000 meticulously indexed articles spanning a diverse array of topics concerning Tibet. TPI Online remains accessible to all, offering a rich and varied assortment of media content at no cost. As the preeminent authority in online Tibetan news coverage, we deliver unparalleled insights across a broad spectrum of subjects, cementing our position as the foremost global purveyor of information concerning Tibet and its inhabitants.

In conclusion, the journey of the digital newspaper from its inception to its 16th commemoration on May 11, 2024, stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, unwavering dedication, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Representing all our audiences, users, visitors, and readers, Dr Franz Pahl's visionary leadership, coupled with the steadfast support of individuals like Thomas Keimel, Artemas Liu, and Jane Cook, has fortified TPI's mission and ensured its longevity in the face of adversity. Through the tireless efforts of its supporters, TPI has become a beacon of hope for the Tibetan people, amplifying their voices and shedding light on the injustices they endure under the oppressive regime in Beijing. As we look to the future, let us remain united in our commitment to justice and liberation for all oppressed individuals and continue to support TPI in its mission to disseminate uncensored news and advocate for the rights of the Tibetan people on the global stage.