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Dharamshala — His Holiness the Dalai Lama leaves New Delhi today from Dharamshala to travel to the United States, spending one night in Switzerland. This time, he will be travelling to the United States for medical treatment for his knees.

Dharamshala — When the bipartisan US Congressional delegation came to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the representative Jim McGovern said, “When our delegation including Nancy Pelosi visited in Tibet in 2015, we met with the Tibetans there and learned firsthand about the Chinese government's repression, it was horrible and we will never ever forget it.”

Dharamshala — Central Tibetan Administration held a public felicitation event to honour the members of a high-level bipartisan delegation from the US Congress on Wednesday. Rep. Gregory Meeks said during the event, "We all are here to call on the government of Beijing to immediately cease its countless violations of human rights of Tibetans. It’s time for Beijing to resume dialogue without preconditions with His Holiness and his representative in order to reach a negotiated resolution that leads to meaningful Autonomy for the Tibetan people."

Dharamshala — A 64 year old Tibetan man concluded his bicycle rally in Dharamshala on Monday, to raise awareness about the critical situation in Tibet, where the Chinese government aims to eradicate the very identity of Tibetans from the root through indoctrination in colonial-style boarding schools.

Dharamshala — Former staff of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Members of Mentseekhang and former staff of Bodyguards for His Holiness the Dalai Lama offered a long life prayer to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at the main Tibetan temple (Tsuglagkhang) in Dharamshala, HP, India on June 11, 2024. Thousands of Tibetans, Buddhist devotees and others joined in the long life prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Dharamshala — <<My Life: Born in Free Tibet, Served in Exile>>, a book by former Tibetan Minister Tashi Wangdi launched in Dharamshala, recounts his happy childhood in independent Tibet, China's illegal occupation of Tibet and his escape into exile, as well as his 40 years of service in the six departments of the Central Tibetan Administration and visits to various countries with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Dharamshala — Sikyong Penpa Tsering, on behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration and the Tibetan people, has written letters to Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang and Chief Minister Shri Pema Khandu congratulating them on their decisive victory in the recent State Assembly elections.

Yet another peaceful protest, attended by about a hundred Tibetans, was held on March 23, 2024, at Martin Place in the Sydney metropolitan area, to condemn the severe crackdown by the Chinese government on Tibetans in Derge, Kham Province of Tibet.

Canberra – Australian Tibetans and supporters including politicians and activists rallied outside the Chinese Embassy, urging the Australian government not to overlook the deteriorating human rights situation in Tibet. They reiterated their strong message that the Tibetan struggle remains vibrant and will persist until Tibet achieves freedom.

Dharamshala, India — His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on Tuesday expressed condolences to families of those who lost their lives due to heavy rain in Bihar State.

Taipei — On the occasion of the 25th year enforced disappearance of 11th Panchen Lama, Gendun Choekyi Nyima, the Tibetan Community Association in Taiwan through peace protest demanded China to swiftly release the 11th Panchen Lama.

Washington D.C. — President of the Tibetan government in-Exile met Congressman Jim McGovern in Washington D.C., the capital of United States, on Thursday, thanking him for sponsoring the Tibetan policy and support act.