Guiding lights: Unraveling the comprehensive aims and mission, illuminating the Path towards fulfillment and impact

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Tibet Post International (TPI) is an independent Tibetan media that publishes news and informative articles that are often absent from the propaganda machines of the communist state of China.

TPI's main objective is to campaign, promote and advance journalism in Tibet and in exile and uphold and defend the freedom of the press inside and outside of Tibet.

The last five decades, during which Tibetan journalists have maintained close relations with the outside world, have shown that they have much to contribute to world peace, democracy, Human Rights and press freedom.

The TPI is committed to ensuring the free, fair and accurate dissemination of all information relating to Tibetans inside and outside Tibet. This involves the following commitments:

  • To provide fair and accurate news of the situation and developments in Tibet
  • To provide features, interviews, and opinion pieces regarding all Tibet-related issues
  • To fill the information gap between Tibetans within and outside Tibet
  • To facilitate transparency between the Tibetan Government-in-exile and the Tibetan people
  • To encourage discussion and debate on issues related to Tibet and Tibetans
  • To provide information and reports on social, health, cultural, and environmental issues to our general readership
  • To cover developments in Tibet-related issues in the international forum
  • To provide an accessible forum for young Tibetans to express their opinions
  • To promote a better understanding among Tibetans of the exile democratic government, human rights, and social, health, cultural and environmental issues
  • To create awareness among Tibetans about diverse cultures and heritages
  • To encourage the younger generation in maintaining the Tibetan religion, culture, language, and identity