Sao Paulo — Sikyong of the Central Tibetan Administration said during his recent visit to Brazil: "Westerners refer to Tibet as the roof of the world, Asian countries view Tibet as the water tower of Asia, and many scientists, including Chinese researchers, now recognize Tibet as the third pole," stressing that Tibet is not only politically important, but also environmentally important for the world.

Geneva — United Nations human rights experts called on the Chinese government to provide information on 11 Tibetans imprisoned for their peaceful efforts to protect the environment in Tibet. The UN experts said: "If China is committed to tackle the impacts of climate change, it should refrain from persecuting environmental human rights defenders and release all nine immediately."

Dharamshala – In an interview with Dr Lobsang Yangtso, the climate activist of Tibet said, “Tibet is not just politically important but environmentally as well. Tibet is the main source of fresh drinking water for its neighbouring nations. Almost 1.5 billion people depend on the water of Tibet. Maybe after 50 or 100 years on, the sources of drinking water from Tibetan glaciers will vanish and slowly the rest of the world will face water shortage problems.”

Tibetan Major Rivers. Photo: file

Guwahati – This is in response to the reports of the unauthorised renaming of 11 places situated inside Indian Territory in Arunachal Pradesh by Chinese government recently. According to news released through Globaltimes, a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) mouthpiece, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs announced standardized Chinese names of11 places in Zangnan, the Southern part of China’s Xizang), in accordance to regulations on geographical names issued by the State Council, China’s cabinet.

California — Tenzin Delek Rinpoche's Medal of Courage 2022 was awarded to A-Nya Sengdra, the environmental and anti-corruption activist, he was sentenced to seven years in prison on December 6, 2019, by a court in Golog Prefecture, Amdo, eastern Tibet. A-Nya Sengdra campaigned against Chinese government corruption and environmental destruction caused by illegal mining and poaching of endangered animals in Tibet. 

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