New Delhi, India — In a world where most rulers and powerful people are known more for taking away the rights of their people on one or the other pretext, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet has emerged as a unique leader who has presented the example of how the leaders can strengthen the people and themselves by giving up and sharing their own powers with the people they lead and govern.

Washington, DC — In a brave effort to end the decades of military occupation of Tibet, U.S. Congressman, has introduced a historical legislation to the House Committee on U.S. Foreign Affairs, to recognise the “Tibet Autonomous Region as a separate, independent country”. This bill will help the people of Tibet to get independence back on the internatinal agenda.

Dharamshala — 'It was unacceptable that China held Tibet’s most revered leader in captive for 25 years without granting him any freedom, and instead is misleading the world,' Tibetan President Dr Lobsang Sangay said, in response to claims made recently by China’s Foreign Spokesperson Zhao Lijian who said the young Tibetan graduated college and now living a normal life with a stable job.

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