Unlocking pathways: Discover enriching opportunities through volunteering and internship programs

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Many people around the world participate in volunteering activities and internships, either at in India or abroad for TPI. Volunteering and internships are great ways to gain professional experience, skills and knowledge that will prepare you for future employment.

Our interns and volunteers are involved in working on various issues such as freedom struggle in Tibet, education, health, and other issues related to human rights. The interns get a chance to explore, know and contribute in important mainstream work of the organization ranging from public mobilization, fact finding researches, field exposures and documentation, pilot run project ideas, learn the threads of journalism, organising events, rope in media advocacy skills and many more.

The options mentioned are not exhaustive and can be various; there is scope for innovation and experimentation with novel ideas. All this contributes to advocacy with the responsible governments and other institutions to make Tibet issue a reality for whole world.

You will probably have to pay the travel fees, including plane tickets, lodging, and other expenses for your volunteer placement, so you are always welcome at our news organization:

  • Is the work the organization carries out what I thought it was? Is that why I would like to work with it?
  • Is this the only kind of work or service it carries out? If it is involved in other projects, you may link to some credible or not so credible associations or references
  • What can I learn about the country and area where the organization is working? Does the area suit the organization’s activities?

Internship aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity to interns, to put into practice and deepen their theoretical knowledge of development issues
  • Provide the interns the platform to develop a more grounded understanding of human rights challenges in an Tibetan context
  • Give interns an opportunity to learn advocacy, researching, campaigning, networking skills and operational aspects of development work
  • Provide opportunities to strengthen, scale up and build volunteer programmes
  • Provide exposure for interns to take action for human rights of Tibetan people in their daily lives
  • Enable them to transform into committed volunteers for human rights after the internship program

Internship programs are designed to offer exposure to students and working professionals from varied academic and professional backgrounds. The design of an internship depends on both the interest and skill areas of the interns as well as requirements of the TPI. This is an intensive engagement and no stipend is offered.