Kolkata — Indian Tibet supporter Sandesh Meshram began his fifth cycle rally in eight Indian states, from West Bengal to New Delhi, and called on the Chinese government to release Tibetan environmentalist Karma Samdrup, who has been imprisoned to 15 years for advocating the protection of Tibet's fragile environment and Tibetan rivers, which are a source of fresh water for millions of people in countries neighbouring with Tibet.


Nestled within the lofty heights of the Tibetan Plateau, a region often hailed as the "crown of the world," lie intricate ecosystems essential for sustaining life across Asia. Yet, the tranquility of this expanse is marred by formidable environmental adversities compounded by climate vagaries and human interventions, notably unsustainable exploitation of resources and ambitious infrastructural endeavors.

Dharamshala – Scientists have discovered that the extreme climatic conditions of the Amazon have a direct impact on those of the Tibetan plateau. "We have been surprised to see how strongly climate extremes in the Amazon are connected to climate extremes in Tibet," said co-author Jurgen Kurths from Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Sharm El Sheikh, — At the 27th UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, a delegation of five Tibetan women met with leaders from different countries to raise awareness about the importance of the Tibetan environment and the major rivers of Tibet for neighbouring countries and the world, as well as the climate crisis in Tibet and the fact that China's environmental policies are destroying Tibetan nature.

New Delhi, India — China’s desperation to dominate and exploit Tibet has gone too far as it has been carrying out multiple projects which have seriously impacted not only the Tibetan plateau’s fragile ecology but have also severely exposed the whole of Asia to imminent environmental disaster.

Glasgow — Tibetan environmental researchers and activists from five organizations gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, to advocate for environmental protection in Tibet and raise awareness about the climate crisis in Tibet during the COP26 conference. “The Tibet issue is not only political, but it is about Asia's water, environmental security issues, and its ecological interests,” said Dr Lobsang Yangtso, Environmental Researcher at International Tibet Network.

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