TPI English version commemorates its achievement of attracting an annual audience of 10 million visitors

TPI office meeting in 2010. Photo: TPI

About Us
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Founded in 2007 and launched trilingual online in 2008, TPI now boasts nearly 1,000 indexed articles on a wide range of topics related to Tibet. TPI Online is completely free and offers a wide range of media content from a diverse and extensive range of sources. As the global leader in online news about Tibet and its people, we offer unparalleled coverage on a wide range of topics.

The news agency offers a variety of perspectives and different interpretations of breaking news events to a global audience and has experienced significant growth, receiving over 10 million visitors and 40 million page views per year (2017) and averaging nearly 1 million readers and 21 million page views per month (July 2017 to December 2017).

Based in Dharamshala, northern India, and founded by a group of young Tibetan journalists with the support of the Himalayan Literacy Trust (HLT), TPI is a non-profit organisation whose main objective is to promote democratic values and principles through freedom of expression in the Tibetan exile community and in Tibet. Originally founded in 2007 as Tibetan News, the organisation was registered as HLT in 2010 and became an accredited partner of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in 2011. on 10 December 2012, HLT launched a bi-monthly English-language magazine in the Himalayan town of McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India.

For the past fifteen years since 2007, TPI has published The Tibet Post International online in English, along with three other dedicated websites in English, Tibetan, and Chinese. Each print issue of The Tibet Post International can be downloaded from The Tibet Post International's sister website, Tibet News Online. Filling a gap in freedom of information and expression within Tibet, HLT seeks to build bridges between Tibet and the rest of the world.

TPI Editorial Team

Yeshe Choesang  Editor in-Chief
 Keary Huang  Editor for Chinese-language version
 Artemis Liu  Webmaster/Taipei Photographer
 Jampa  Editor for Tibetan-language version
 Jane Cook  English-language version Assistant
 Yangchen Dolma  Head Office in-Charge and Managing Editor
 Namgyal Dolma  Assistant and Translator
 Carly Selby-James  Assistant/Volunteer

HLT was registered in 2010, under the district magistrate of Kangra, Himachal, government of India (Registration No: 235/2010. Registraton Date: 07/04/2010. Book No. 1).