The despotic, self-imposed communist regime in China constitutes a significant and unpredictable threat, with far-reaching consequences across the globe. Photo: TPI

Since 2008, Tibet Post International (TPI) has faced recurring cyberattacks, orchestrated by the Chinese government or its affiliates, with the latest attack in July 2023 causing extensive malfunctions and unauthorised alterations, leaving the site inactive for months; subsequent attacks included malicious weblinks, prompting a complete overhaul; on March 7, 2024, Chinese government hackers targeted TPI's Chinese version, highlighting the persistent threat.

China's peaceful liberation of Tibet: Is it 'what it looks like' or 'how it looks'? Photo: TPI/file

Dharamshala — The Chinese President Xi Jinping’s commitment to “Ethnic Unity”, “Economy Development” and “Social Stability” in Tibet under the banner of “Peaceful Liberation”, nether seeks a peaceful solution nor a signal for a new reform of more openness.

Notice by the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of Ngaba Police Department: We would like to remind everyone that it is mandatory to use the Tibetan language for typing and printing on your identity card. Photo: TPI


Dharamshala – The daunting challenge facing human rights campaigners worldwide is to reflect profoundly on the unwavering commitments of past generations who tirelessly toiled and made monumental sacrifices to establish and fortify democracy, freedom, and human values for the present-day society we inhabit.