China warns Tibetans not to do anything related to the Dalai Lama

A Tibetan Monastery in Kanlho, North-Eastern, Tibet. (Photo:file)

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Dharamshala — The Chinese government has issued a statement warning Tibetans that Tibetans, particularly monks, cannot do anything related to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, including keeping and hanging a picture of him and praying for him, cannot perform religious rituals after his death and cannot disrupt the process of his reincarnation by China.

According to a reliable source, the Chinese authorities have issued ten-point documents for the "political re-education" training for Tibetan monks in the Tibetan monasteries of Kanlho, in north-eastern Tibet. The document stipulates that "monks may not hang a picture of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, their spiritual leader in Tibet, and pray for him, may not perform religious rituals after his death and cannot disrupt the process of his reincarnation by China".

Former Tibetan political prisoner Golog Jigme revealed that, earlier this year, the Chinese government issued a new document on monasteries in the Kanlho region, north-eastern of Tibet, which state that Tibetan monks not allow to do any religious activities to commemorate “the Dalai's death". He also noted that the CCP is carrying out various “political re-education programmes” in Tibetan monasteries, requiring monks and nuns to absolutely obey the Party's arrangements.

Chinese authorities issued a 10_points document during a training (political re-education) to Tibetan monks, these include "never allow illegal activities to be organised for the death of the Dalai(Dalai Lama)", "never allow the image of the 14th Dalai(Dalai Lama)to be hung on any occasion", "never allow collaboration with hostile separatist forces outside the country", and " never allow to disrupt the process of Dalai’s reincarnation”(by China). 

At the beginning of April 2024, the Secretary of the State Committee of the CCP in Kanlho (Chinese: Gannan) visited the monasteries in Kanlho and demanded that "all monasteries implement the policy of “Sinisation of Tibetan Buddhism” as soon as possible and fight against the “the Dalai's separatist forces”, and he also warned the monks that, without the approval of the CCP, they are not allowed to take in new young monks or carry out religious activities, otherwise, the monasteries will be closed".

In June, 2023, the Chinese authorities forced monks and nuns from monasteries in several counties in Nagchu, central Tibet, to sign document against "separatist forces outside the country”. In January, 2024, the CCP issued a warning on monasteries in Balyu County, Tibet, demand that all of them "resolutely oppose the Dalai and the separatist forces”. In addition, the CCP carried out the same “political re-education activities in monasteries in other parts of Tibet.

Under China's illegal occupation of Tibet, Tibetans have no political freedom, no religious freedom, no freedom of belief, no freedom of expression and no freedom of movement. Tibetans have to live under constant surveillance and tight control of their daily lives. If anything goes wrong or goes against their will, the Chinese authorities give Tibetans various "illegal names" and expose them to torture and imprisonment for years.

Chinese authorities arrest Tibetans who keep and hang pictures of their spiritual leader, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, in their phones and homes. There have been numerous cases in which the Chinese authorities have arrested, tortured and imprisoned Tibetans who have merely kept a photo of the Dalai Lama, and have given them various illegal names such as "separatists", "danger to the State", etc. China violates religious freedom and international laws to suppress human rights, including the religious freedom of Tibetans inside Tibet.