Buddhist monk arrested in Kham Province of Eastern Tibet

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Ven Lobsang Gedun, from Drongsar Monastery, Gura village, Tsawa Pashoe county, Kham region of eastern Tibet. Photo: TPI

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Dharamshala — On July 1, 2013, Lobsang Gedun, a 20 year-old monk from Dzongsar Monastery was arrested in Tsawa Pashoe County, Kham Province of Eastern Tibet at around 10:00 am (Tibetan local time).

"During the celebration of the Founding Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, Gendhyum rose in the middle of the recital of the Chinese National Anthem and began to shout slogans like "Long Live His Holiness the Dalai Lama' and 'independence of Tibet' and expressed his resistance against the Chinese oppression," said Shetsa Lobsang Tenpa from south India, citing sources in the region.

Sources to The Tibet Post International said that after protesting for 5-6 minutes, the Chinese army assembled at the venue and arrested Gedun and since then, his whereabouts are unknown.

Following the arrest, several restrictions have been imposed in the Tsawa Pashoe and Chamdho region. Lobsang Gedun is from Gura County and his father's name is Kalsang and mother's name is Palzom and his layname is Gyadho.

According to Tibetan poet and blogger Woeser, Tibetans in Chamdho must display photographs of top Chinese leaders in their house with a Tibetan traditional white scarf as a symbol of respect. Monasteries in the region have also been forced to fly the Chinese national flag.